mandag 27. oktober 2008

I have been tagged

by my DT-boss Karin at Just X'mas and B'day Cards. Here I goes :))

Things I love
  • My husband Ketil and our three teenagers (this was the easy one:)
  • Travelling to big cities
  • Shopping, particulary shoes *lol*
  • Handball
  • Crafting, making cards of course :)

Things I don't love

  • Unhonest people
  • Winter, my car disappear in the snow
  • Spiders - I hate them
  • When my internet goes down
  • My husband's snoreing :)

Favorite food / drinks

  • Seafood
  • Tapas
  • Red wine
  • Coffee and dooleys
  • Potato chips

Songs on my Ipod/playlist

  • In The Ghetto - Elvis (I love that song)
  • La Isla Bonita - Madonna
  • Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourn
  • She Bangs - Ricky Martin
  • Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd
I would like to tag the following:





3 kommentarer:

Joanna sa...

Oi Oi her kommer alle hemmeligheter for dagens lys hehe.

Takk for at du tagget meg;)

Klem fra Joanna

Nyten sa...

åå, den blir tøff:-)

Takk for at du tagget meg!

Klem Linda

CarolinesGlede sa...

oj! Skal se om det ikke kommer noen svar på disse etterhvert :) Takk for at du tagget meg!! :) Ha en super dag